Agriculture: Highlights | June 2015

[EN] The strong downtrend in agriculture markets continues. Apart from favourable weather and record stocks in most major markets, several more reasons have supported this trend in May.
In comparison to the preceding year, Chinese cotton imports have decreased by 38.2% in the first four months of 2015. China intends to support local cotton producers and thereby causes an oversupply in the world market.
In the case of wheat, the USDA has recently published an unexpected upward adjustment of global production, which will be 2.6 million tons higher than in former estimates. Moreover strong rain falls in Texas could be favourable for the winter wheat production.
In addition to that sugar and coffee markets are oversupplied as well. El Niño, a weather phenomenon that causes warm and wet conditions in Brazil, will probably affect the next sugar and coffee harvest positively. Moreover the weak Brazilian Real does its bit as well.
This article shows you the latest price developments and relevant key figures for agricultural commodities.

With a view to the past 12 months, we have observed strong price decreases as well as some increases for agricultural raw materials. Considering the largest declines, the price for soybeans (CBOT) has fallen by -25.7%, for rice (CBOT) by -23.9% and for wheat hrw (U.S. f.o.b.) by -23.4%. The strongest price rises were noticed in the markets for cattle (feeder cattle and live cattle (CME)) +33.9%/+31.6% and chicken (U.S. wholesale price) which has increased by +27.2% in one year.

During the last month, we have observed the highest price drops in the markets for cattle (U.S. c.i.f.) -10.9%, skimmed milk powder (f.o.b. Europe) -9.6% and butter (f.o.b. Europe) -8.5%. At the same time prices have risen the most for pork (CME) +10.8%, cocoa (ICE London) 6.7% and feeder cattle (CME) +4.7%. The highest price movements are still registered in the market for pork (CME) with an annualized volatility of 48.2%.

In order to provide market visibility for European companies affected by raw material costs, the following analysis takes into consideration the price evolution in EUR unless specified. Please click on the raw materials below to receive more detailed information.

Agriculture prices returns | 1 YEAR | daily price dataAgriculture prices returns | 1 MONTH | daily price data
June 2014 - May 2015May 2015
15-06 Agro Returns 12m15-06 Agro Returns 1m
*Returns based on monthly data over the last 12 months
*²Returns based on weekly data over the last 52 weeks
*Returns based on monthly data over the last month
*²Returns based on weekly date over the last 4 weeks



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Date of publication: 15 June 2015
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