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Bridge in Denmark

5 new insights regarding VAT refunds in Denmark

[EN] Every year VAT rates get changed, legislation amended and new administrative rules implemented. Even though, the new electronic filing procedure for the VAT refund has facilitated the life of EU companies, it is still very important to keep up to date with the specific rules of the member state of refunds because the

Street Sign in Dubrovnik/Croatia

Croatia – Don’t mix up VAT refund deadlines!

[EN] Every year the deadline for VAT refund claims is approaching faster than expected. Every year there is some confusion about the formal and material details of the recovery procedures including the precise filing periods. Missing the deadline is one of the most common reasons for claim rejections. Depending on

Periodical VAT returns vs VAT refund scheme

[EN] In its Circular of 21 May 2014 the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesfinanzministerium) has now reacted to a decision of the German Federal Tax Court (Bundesfinanzhof, BFH) of 28 August 2013 (XI R 5/11). In this decision the BFH has ruled that a foreign company is entitled to

In Germany duplicate payments are subject to domestic VAT

Every year we notice that some of our customers overpay our invoices by either transferring erroneously too much money or accidentally pay twice. In such cases, we normally transfer the overpaid amount back to our customer.

There might, however, be situations in which companies refuse to return this money for various reasons and wait for the customer to ask back the overpayment. In the course of the year-end closing the question may arise of how to deal with these duplicate and overpayments.

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