Metals: Highlights | July 2015

[EN] Significant price falls in metal markets: Nickel and aluminium have reached their lowest price levels for almost six years. Also lead and zinc show tremendous price drops.
In the case of Aluminium the price decline is mainly due to an increasing oversupply in the Chinese market, which has noticeable impacts on the world market. This oversupply is expected to grow even further in the later course of 2015. Moreover the unstoppable fall of the Chinese stock market has led to noticeable uncertainties. In addition to this the car market in China has shrunken in June for the first time since February 2013, which also weakens the demand for aluminium and other industrial metals.
However the main reason for the price declines in nickel and copper markets are pessimistic expectations of speculators, who bet on falling prices. Meanwhile the gold price has appeared rather unimpressed by the drama of the Greek sovereign debt and has even shown a slight decline in June. This article shows you the latest price developments and relevant key figures for metals.

Looking at the past 12 months, we have observed price increases as well as declines for our major metal markets analysed. In particular prices for zinc (+11.7%) and gold (+8.3%) have risen strongly. At the same time, especially the markets for nickel (-23.8%) and silver (-8.5%) report price declines.

In the last month, we have observed price declines for all major metal markets. The highest price falls have been noticed in the markets for lead (-14.2%), zinc (-11.9%) and nickel (-11.1%). The highest price movements are still registered in the market for nickel with an annualized volatility of 35% at the end of June.

In order to provide market visibility for European companies affected by raw material costs, the following analysis takes into consideration the price evolution in EUR unless specified. Please click on the raw materials below to receive more detailed information.

Metals prices returns | 1 YEAR | daily price dataMetals prices returns | 1 MONTH | daily price data
July 2014 - June 2015June 2015
15-07 Metals Returns 12m15-07 Metals Returns 1m

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Date of publication: 15 July 2015
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