Financial Risk Management

TALA Consult provides financial risk management services focused on risks inherent to the supply chain. Instead of targeting the cheapest price, our projects aim to find a good balance of cost saving opportunity versus financial risk. This holistic approach is sustainable and secures your margins and business sustainability.

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We perform global  and specific projects to find appropriate solutions for your main challenges which refer to both finance and operations. Working with TALA Consult will help you optimizing your supply costs while securing three financial challenges:

Secure your supplyok Manage your costok Stay competitiveok



Financial Risk Management  provides the adequate strategy and tools to monitor the risk exposure, prioritize the risk response and base your decision making on facts, instead of intuition. TALA Consult assists achieving this target in three steps:

Risk Assessment 1. RISK ASSESSMENT
 Arrow  Risks Mapping of your risk factors based on qualitative and quantitative information, including mass data integration.
Risk Strategies 2. RISK MITIGATION
Arrow Creation and evaluation of multiple Risk Mitigation Strategies in order to establish the adequate risk response.
Compliance 3. COMPLIANCE Arrow Corporate Risk Management Policy creation adapted to the company governance and targets.



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