Procurement and Logistics

Companies margins are highly exposed to purchasing instability and unexpected financial costs. Corporations where purchasing represents a high share of the costs are highly exposed to those scenarios. As a consequence, Procurement is a strategic area for generating savings and improving your profits.

Since the last economic crisis, most companies have performed purchasing costs optimization to increase their level of treasury by generating “quick wins”. However, those short-term cost killing strategies, which can answer perfectly to an emergency scenario may trigger long-term risks for the company. In addition, the complexity of global sourcing combined with a growing level of geopolitical risks, indicates that the management of supply chain risks is becoming increasingly important.


Holistic approach: Purchasing and Logistic costsoptimization by TALA Consult

TALA Consult believes that corporations should invest in sustainable cost saving programs, considering the balance of price and risk to bring sustainable added value and secure your profitability for a long-term vision. Our projects combine commercial, technical and structural levers.

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