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Is the Russian embargo affecting your business ?

[EN] In response to western sanctions, Russia imposed counter sanctions against the EU and USA on 06 August 2014. 1. Impact on the European economy With immediate effect, imports of meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruits to Russia are prohibited for a period of one year. With this embargo,

Blood diamonds: How Hollywood impacts your compliance risk

This article helps you understanding how the U.S. “Conflict Minerals Rule” and the last European directives require stronger transparency within your supply chain.

TALA Consult Commodity Radar | June 2014

[EN] Every month our commodity radar provides you with an illustrative overview of the latest key figures of the most important raw materials from different sectors. The radar is supposed to make it easy for you to gain a general view of the current raw material market situation, including energy,

Agriculture: Highlights | June 2014

[EN] The price of wheat has declined noticeably this month, after three months of price increases . At the same time cocoa and feeder cattle continued their long term upward trend. This article shows you the latest price developments and relevant key figures for agricultural commodities. With a view to

Metals: Highlights | June 2014

[EN] Nickel prices don’t stop to rise. Over the last four months prices increased by 33.6%. At the same time Gold and Silver prices continued their long term downward trend. This article discloses detailed information about key figures and latest price developments of the metal markets. Looking at the past

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