TALA Consult Commodity Radar | July 2014

[EN] Every month our commodity radar provides you with an illustrative overview of the latest key figures of the most important raw materials from different sectors.

The radar is supposed to make it easy for you to gain a general view of the current raw material market situation, including energy, agricultural and metal markets. As latest returns, volatility and correlations are shown, it may even provide an indication as to whether an active risk management could be worthwhile for your company as well.

All figures are based on Euro prices. Current issue July 2014.

This radar illustrates the annualized volatility based on daily Euro price data of the latest 3 months (except * and *²). The highest price movements are currently noticed in the markets for Pork (CME) (38.3%), Nickel (LME) (34.6%) and Sugar (LIFFE) (30.4%).

Volatility Radar | July 2014
April 2014 – June 2014
14-07 Volatility Radar
Source: TALA Consult Commodity Radar
* annualized volatility based on monthly data over the last 12 months
*² annualized volatility based on weekly data over the last 52 weeks

Volatility Radar commodities with market place:
Crude oil Brent (ICE Futures), Cruide oil WTI (NYMEX), Natural gas EU (c.i.f.), Natural gas US (NYMEX), Cotton (A-Index), Rice (5% Thailand f.o.b. Bangkok), Live Cattle (CME), Feeder Cattle (CME), Pork (CME), Chicken (US wholesale price), Wheat (Euronext Paris), Corn (Euronext Paris), Soybeans (C.i.f. Rotterdam), Cocoa (ICE Futures), Coffee (LIFFE), Sugar (LIFFE), Whole milk powder (f.o.b. Europe), Skimmed milk powder (f.o.b. Europe), Butter (f.o.b. Europe), Copper (LME), Aluminium (LME), Lead (LME), Zinc (LME), Nickel (LME), Gold (LBMA), Silver (LBMA)


The following chart displays the returns of the last 12 months for all our raw materials analysed (based on daily prices unless specified by *, *²). We have observed the strongest price increases in the markets for Cocoa (ICE Futures London and ICCO) with a return of +38.5%/29.9%, for Feeder Cattle (CME) with a return of +31.0% and for Sugar US (c.i.f. US) with a return of +25.8%. In the same period prices fell the most in the markets for Corn (CBOT/US f.o.b./Euronext Paris) (-50.3%/-41.8%/-27.4%), for Rice (5% Thailand, f.o.b. Bangkok) (-30.8%) and for  and natural gas EU (c.i.f.) (-22.9%).

Return Radar | July 2014 | 1YEAR
July 2013 – June 2014
14-07 Return Radar All
Source: TALA Consult Commodity Radar
*returns based on monthly data over the last 12 months
*²returns based on weekly data over the last 52 weeks


You can find return charts for each sector in our monthly highlights blogs for energiesmetals and agriculture.

The chart below shows negative as well as positive correlations between raw materials over the last 12 months (last day of month price data, except *). Among others, this can be of great interest when cross-hedging strategies are considered. During the last year, a high positive correlation between Gold (LME, pm) prices and those of Silver (LME) could be noticed, whereas Rice (5% Thailand f.o.b. Bangkok) and Cocoa (ICE Futures London) show a high negative correlation.

Correlation Radar | July 2014 | 1 YEAR
July 2013 – June 2014
14-07 Correlation Radar
Source: TALA Consult Commodity Radar
*correlations based on average monthly prices over the last 12 months


4. Additional information about all raw materials
Click on the raw materials below to receive more detailed information about historical price developments, exchange rate influences, returns and other key figures.


1. Crude Oil
2. Natural Gas
3. Wheat
4. Corn
5. Cotton
6. Soybeans
7. Cocoa
8. Sugar
9. Pork
10. Gold
11. Silver
12. Copper
13. Aluminium
14. Lead
15. Zinc
16. Nickel


Date of publication: 6 June 2014
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